Harley-Davidson® Warranty Information

Harley-Davidson® warrants for any new Harley-Davidson® motorcycle that an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer will repair or replace without charge any parts found under normal use to be defective in factory materials or workmanship. Such repair and replacement will be the sole obligation of Harley-Davidson® and the sole remedy for the owner under this limited warranty.

The duration of this limited warranty is 24 months starting from the earlier of (a) the date of the initial retail purchase and delivery from an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealer or (b) the third anniversary of the last day of the model year of the motorcycle. Any unexpired portion of this limited warranty will be transferred to subsequent owners, upon the resale of the motorcycle during the limited warranty period.

The warranty will not apply when the motorcycle has not been operated or maintained as specified in the owner’s manual or has been abused, misused or improperly stored. If the motorcycle has been used “off the highway” or used for racing or competition of any kind, the warranty will not apply. Installing components not manufactured to comply with the laws of the Market it is registered in may also void all or part of your new motorcycle warranty.

For a complete explanation of the new vehicle warranty and other limitations, please consult your owner’s manual or talk with one of our service consultants.

Used Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Warranty

Used Harley-Davidson® motorcycles may have a remaining factory warranty that can be transferred to a new owner. Please contact us to see if such a transfer applies to you if your motorcycle was purchased from a private party and if the motorcycle is less than two years old.

Tire and Wheel Coverage

Coverage for tires and wheels on new models is also available for purchase through our dealership and Harley-Davidson® financial services. Tire and wheel protection covers the costs associated with the repair or replacement of tires and wheels, plus labor and taxes. Please contact one of our service consultants for complete details.

This is an excellent opportunity to extend coverage on Genuine Motor parts and accessories beyond the standard warranty for over-the-counter purchases. Simply purchase and have us install any new Genuine Motor parts and accessories within 60 days of your new motorcycle purchase and these products will be covered under the remainder of the manufacturer’s 24-month warranty.

Two Year Warranty

Here are the details:

The Custom Coverage® Program provides a limited opportunity to purchase new accessories and have them installed at an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership under the extended Custom Coverage® Limited Warranty rather than the standard, post-purchase P&A over the-counter warranty.

The Custom Coverage® Limited Warranty for eligible, street-legal Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor parts & Genuine Motor accessories runs concurrent with the remainder of the motorcycle’s 24-month manufacturer’s warranty. Genuine P&A must be purchased and installed at an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership within 60 days of the new vehicle purchase to qualify for Custom Coverage®. Visit an authorized Harley-Davidson® dealership as often as you like during the 60 days after your motorcycle purchase to select, purchase and install accessories. Offer applies to all new, previously untitled Harley-Davidson® motorcycles.

Parts and accessories purchased via the Internet are not eligible.


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